To order services at ProBase Pharma, send your samples together with a completed and signed order form to our laboratory. Order forms can be generated using our online platform https://orders.probasepharma.com. When we have received your samples, we will send a project confirmation, including project number, by email. In case you have questions about a project you can refer to the project number.

Shipment of samples

Please ship your samples to our postal or visiting address. We only recommend to ship samples to our postal address for customers inside The Netherlands and when using regular postal services. In case you use courier service or for customers outside The Netherlands, please use our visiting address. Make sure you use an appropriate package to ship your samples, so leakage and breakage are avoided) If you have any concerns about this, please contact one of our specialist for consultancy.

Postal address:

ProBase Pharma – BaseClear
Attn: Laboratory
P.O. Box 1336
2302 BH Leiden
The Netherlands

Visiting address:

ProBase Pharma – BaseClear
Attn: Laborarory
Sylviusweg 74
2333 BE Leiden
The Netherlands