For GMP certified Rapid Molecular Services

Company Profile

ProBase Pharma B.V., a limited liability company established under the laws of the Netherlands, having its registered office in Leiden at the Einsteinweg 5, Leiden, is an independent contract service laboratory with a focus on molecular biological testing methods on pharmaceutical raw materials, process intermediates and finished products.

ProBase Pharma is a joint venture between BaseClear B.V. (established in 1993 and specialized in DNA sequencing technology) and MicroSafe Laboratories (established in 1993 and specialized in pharmaceutical microbiology, mycoplasma and virology).


The pharmaceutical microbiology industry will change rapidly over the next years when molecular biological methods will replace the classical purification and incubation methods. ProBase Pharma B.V. combines the technology and experience of BaseClear and Sinensis Life Sciences B.V. (established in 2012 and the mother company of MicroSafe Laboratories) to provide rapid sequence based results data to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Services

GMP (Sanger) Sequencing

A fast GMP compliant sequencing service for verification and clinical usage of genes and plasmids.

Bacterial Identification Services

Identification of pure cultures of bacterial origin using PCR/DNA sequencing or Maldi-TOF Mass Spectrometry.

Fungal Identification Services

Identification of filamentous fungi/yeast samples using PCR/DNA sequencing or Maldi-TOF Mass Spectrometry for yeast.

Bacterial (Strain) Typing Service

Characterization of relations between strains for in dept root cause investigation or strain typing.