ProBase Pharma launches GMP sequencing services

ProBase Pharma now offers GMP sequencing services. The service includes all steps necessary to determine complete sequences. With this the sequence and integrity of a gene or plasmid can be confirmed. Also GMP sequencing can be applied prior to cloning or transfection into a cell line or viral vector. For regulatory submission of therapeutic proteins and vaccine production, DNA sequencing of the entire plasmid or viral vector is required. In addition, DNA sequencing can be used to confirm the identity and stability of (production) cell lines and for patent submissions.

Thje ProBase Pharma service includes design and synthesis of all necessary primers, and performance of all sequencing reactions. The coverage is usually 2-4 fold on DNA strands, but can be adapted to your wishes. We will assemble the sequence reactions to a contig-sequence, and align these to the supplied reference. Customers receive a complete report, readily accepted by most regulatory authorities. Also you will receive all files per sample and if desired all raw sequence data (abi/scf/seq files). ProBase Pharma also provides additional services like DNA extraction, DNA amplification (using (RT-)PCR), DNA purification and a primer walking strategy. Please contact us to discuss your GMP Sequencing and molecular biology needs.