About us

ProBase Pharma offers a complete portfolio of molecular-based rapid testing services. All services are validated and GMP certified. Non-standard samples formats and very fast delivery times are no problem for us. We highly value flexibility within our company. Whether you need a back-up laboratory or want to fully outsource your microbial testing, ProBase Pharma is the partner that you are looking for!

Back-up laboratory

When you have implemented your own MicroSEQ® or Vitek® MS system for quality assurance, an additional device should be available in the event of a temporary failure or in case of a temporary need for extra capacity. Instead of buying additional systems that are only rarely used, you can also commission ProBase Pharma as your back up laboratory. This means that you can use our services in case you need extra capacity. If necessary, you can also perform an audit at our laboratory to convince yourselves that our lab is perfectly organized and compliant GMP.

Expert laboratory

When you do the monitoring of microbial contaminations in-house, you may sometimes find a microbial contamination that requires a more extensive identification method than the system that you are using. ProBase Pharma has a lot of experience in the identification and typing of a wide range of microorganisms and can help you identify even the most difficult variants. You can always contact us in case of such a problem.

ProBase Pharma offers:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant services
  • Sequencing methods validated per ICH guidelines
  • Highest quality Sanger sequencing standards
  • Very experienced staff
  • Independent quality unit assuring regulatory compliance
  • Weekly reports on project progress
  • Fast delivery times
  • Open and clear communication